Scale from Scratch

Scale from Scratch

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IT is a later stage effort, but there’s no disputing this is the most difficult period. Without processes or controls, SaaS runs amok, creating data silos and runaway IT spend.

Each decision will have far reaching consequences when building from scratch.

The pain points of this phase are:

New Hire Setup & Onboarding
Tracking Equipment
Clear picture of ‘what’s next’ for IT
Tech Support

The indicators of this phase are:

~50 staff (unregulated) or ~15 staff (regulated)
Recent technology security incident
Single-use, high-cost operational workload for IT processes
Onboarding or Offboarding confusion

The process to exit this phase is:

Documenting IT resources (spend/hardware/software)
Create consistency by implementing controls and processes
Creating + socializing IT processes

The tech stack building blocks in this phase are:

Device Management
Issue Management
Single Sign-On
Staff Training and Onboarding
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