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How IT Works

We’ve standardized building the IT function at early stage startups with just four factors – industry, resources, constraints, and goals. We’ll give you a roadmap for IT development, tell you exactly what you should be doing and why, and even implement it – with or without in-house IT.

Don’t Go to Market Without IT!

How To Get Started

Step 1

Reach out via email or schedule a consultation to review your current state and goals, answer questions, and discuss the process.

Step 2

We’ll develop a custom proposal outlining the framework for an engagement.

Step 3

With acceptance, we’ll begin mapping your current state to our process and putting out any IT fires.

So, what’s in the box?

A suite of tools, processes, and roles built around four pillars in IT – Identity & Access Management, Support & Training, Device & Infrastructure Management, and Governance (Security & Compliance). Based on your resources, constraints, industry, and goals, we’ll identify what fits to immediately alleviate the strain on operational resources and setup scalable systems.

How do you determine rates?

Proposed hourly rates will be on a sliding scale from $125 – $250 USD / hr
Alternatively, flat rate or milestone/outcome-oriented pricing.

Discounts vary based on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, engagement term, and package selection.

If a proposed rate is untenable, we will work with you to bring it within an acceptable range or suggest alternatives that may be a better fit.

What do engagements look like?

They range from single consultative sessions, projects, or assessments to ongoing IT leadership, training and development.

While each engagement is unique, it is common to act in an ’embedded/virtual/fractional’ capacity, much like a full time employee, to guide development of the plan; playing as strategic or tactical a role as necessary.

Do I have to know what I need?

No. Many companies grow without IT until the friction becomes overwhelming. We can step in at any time to advise, train, manage single projects, or centralize the entire function. If you tell us what your problems are, we’ll provide several pathways to resolving them.

Is there a minimum commitment?

It depends. Hourly has no commitment while milestone-based/outcome-oriented packages are fixed cost. The agreement may be terminated at any time and all content produced is owned by your company.

When Winging IT Just Wont Do
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