Author: dave

  • On the Transition from IC to Manager

    This article is now a full fledged course on Udemy! If you know someone who would benefit from it, message me for a code to take it for free. I build IT teams and tech for early stage companies. I recognized the same challenges at each startup, so I set out to create a set of standards for early […]

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  • When and How to Make Your First IT Hire

    Hello! I build IT teams and design IT Systems for startups and nonprofits. I consistently encounter the same problems, so I set out to create a series of guides to help others navigate the IT Ecosystem. You can learn more about my philosphies via my website or via my weekly newsletter. A day will come when you say “I […]

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  • How to Manage Your Tech Spend

    Nowadays, I’m building IT programs from scratch, constructing new offices, and conducting compliance and security assessments as an independent contractor for early stage companies. You can visit my website, or hit me up at to chat more. After 15 years in IT, much of it in managerial and director level roles, I can safely say […]

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