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About Us

We’ve standardized building the IT function at early stage startups with just four factors – industry, resources, constraints, and goals. We’ll give you a roadmap for IT development, tell you exactly what you should be doing and why, and even implement it – with or without in-house IT.

Don’t Go to Market Without IT!

Hi! My name is Dave and I created The IT Plan after 15 years of building IT teams, infrastructure, and processes at early stage companies.

Almost every one had the same set of tech problems.

So I developed a strategic and tactical playbook to build nascent IT orgs from scratch.

My experience is backed by industry certifications – CISSP, CCNA, ITIL, CAPM, and more. I follow well-established frameworks, with years of HIPAA and PCI compliance in healthcare and retail environments, too.

Working as an individual with limited clients – you’ll have my cell and I’ll be dedicated to building IT at your company.

Reach out and we’ll square IT away. Your CTO will thank you!


I worked with Udemy to create a course in technical management.
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Startup industry guides and observations are part of The IT Plan’s content.
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All decks and images are freely available to use and distribute with attribution.
Check them out on Google Drive

When Winging IT Just Wont Do
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