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About Us

Get to know who you’ll be working with

Hi, I’m Dave and I created The IT Plan after 15 years of building IT teams, infrastructure, and processes at early stage companies.

Each one had the same set of problems, so I developed a strategic and tactical playbook to build nascent IT orgs from scratch.

My experience is backed by industry certifications – CISSP, CCNA, ITIL, CAPM, and more. I follow well-established frameworks, with years of HIPAA and PCI compliance in healthcare and retail environments, too.

Working as an individual with limited clients – you’ll have my cell and I’ll be dedicated to building IT at your company.

Reach out and we’ll square IT away. Your CTO will thank you!

Community Content

I partnered with Udemy to create a course in technical management. Check out How to Transition from IC to Manager.

Years of technical content is on Medium, which explains my philosophy and what you’re likely to encounter at your startup.
W. 27th Street in Chelsea, New York, New York 10001