IT-in-a-Box for Early Stage

Bridging the Seed to Series Gap in IT & More,Info Sec. & More,Compliance & More,Call Centers & More,Device Management & More,Single Sign-On & More

Stage Appropriate Solutions
Strategic & Hands-On Approach
Security, Risk, & Compliance
Sliding Scale for Startups

The IT Plan’s 4 Pillar Approach

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Policies, Budget, Roadmap

Take my shortcut to IT development with custom templates and insights that align IT with company strategy and industry best practices.


Security, Procurement, Automation

Informed by ITILv4, NIST, and SOC2, we’ll balance ease and security while removing friction from common tasks.


Training, Culture, Support

Set your IT strategy and employees up for success at the same time. I bring a people-first mentality that accounts for how we use technology.


Hardware, Software, Systems

Device Management, Single Sign-On, and more. Avoid taking on tech-debt with qualified guidance for common questions.

What We Offer

Pre-Launch Checklists
Seed to Series A Vulnerability Assessments
HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC2 Compliance
ITILv4, NIST, ISO127001

Policy & Document Templates
Cybersecurity Insurance Guidance
Industry Comparison & Benchmarking
High Impact IT Investment Opportunities

Automated Device Management
Identity & Single-Sign On
Data Sharing & Loss Prevention
Call Center & Communications

Project Management
Partnership / Vendor Relationships
Migrations, Mergers, & Acquisitions
Office Buildouts & Physical Security Systems

Operational IT Development
Tactical Support & Training
Strategic Guidance & Roadmaps
Fiscal Responsibility & Budgeting

Staff Support
Break/Fix Resolution
Ticketing & Issue Management
WiFi Optimization & Conference Room Technology


Engagement Roadmap

Perform Assessment

I’ll conduct your environment for a flat fee and provide a list of pre-launch recommendations or a gap/vulnerability assessment for established startups.

  • Includes Templates & Tasks
  • Aligns Current with Future State
  • Results in Impartial Recommendations

Review Recommendations

We’ll review the outcome of the assessment and create a crystal clear roadmap to move forward. Recommendations can be performed in-house with guidance, too!

  • Procure & Configure Services
  • Enroll & Train Staff
  • Secure & Stabilize Data Flows

Implement & Operationalize

I’ll play as large or small of a role as needed to solidify new processes and integrate new tools into the team’s workflows. When appropriate, I’ll guide handoff in-house.

  • Device Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Ongoing Service Development

Dave Bour

Founder & Principal

As an independent contractor, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience building IT teams, infrastructure, and processes without the overhead commitment so you can focus on company’s mission. I approach IT differently – I believe it’s more cultural than technical. IT’s not about the software we choose, IT’s how we use it.

Early stage companies, and those in regulated industries, have unique technology needs. But it’s too early to hire in-house IT and navigating the technology landscape alone is onerous and time-consuming. It distracts from your mission and the problems can’t be software’d-away.

Consulting firms take a one-size-fits-all approach and your CTO’s time is better spent managing the product, not your network.

For 15 years, I’ve been building IT teams, infrastructure, and processes at early stage companies and non-profits and found that most encounter the same technology challenges. I created The IT Plan as a strategic and tactical playbook to address them and guide early stage IT program development. My approach zeros in on cultural use of technology within each organization. Through this lens, we create sustainable processes and solutions using a range of factors – cost, scalability, usability, extensibility, and administrative overhead.

My experience is backed by industry certifications – CISSP, CCNA, ITIL, CAPM, and more. I follow well-established NIST and ITIL frameworks, with years of HIPAA, SOC2, and PCI compliance in healthcare and retail environments


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