IT Resources for Early Stage

Flexible Engagements from Pre-Seed to Series C

Stage Appropriate Solutions
Security, Risk, & Compliance Assessments
Readiness Checklists & Guidance
New Office Builds & Hands-On Implementation

Standard Engagements


Pre-Launch IT Checklist
Risk & Vulnerability Analysis
Compliance Readiness

Team Development

Role Planning & Hiring
Mentorship & Guidance
Training & Documentation
Reporting Structure


Solution Identification
Configuration & Management
WiFi & Networks
Continuous Improvement


Call Center Development
New Site Construction
Migrations & Mergers
Interdepartmental Needs

Readiness & Compliance

Assessments are a great place to start if it’s unclear how to reach your IT or Information Security goals.

○ Pre-Launch
○ New Markets
○ Policies
○ Trainings
○ SaaS Configuration


○ Vulnerability Assessment
○ IT Risk Assessment
○ HIPAA Compliance
○ NIST, ISO127001


○ Risk & Remediation Tracker
○ Policy Template
○ Data Flow Diagrams
○ Cybersecurity Insurance Guidance
○ Training Decks

Projects & Processes

Early stage is all about now-problems. Efficient use of early stage resources will make the difference between growth and stagnation.

IT Services

○ Automated Device Management
○ Identity & Single-Sign On
○ Ticketing & Issue Management
○ Data Sharing & Loss Prevention
○ Staff Training

Org Wide

○ Call Center & Telephony
○ New Site Construction
○ Cameras, Alarms, & Suite Access
○ WiFi and Networking
○ Conference Rooms & AV


○ IT Leadership & Representation
○ Strategic Guidance & Roadmaps
○ Fiscal Responsibility & Budgeting
○ Vendor Relationship Management

Sample Diagrams

About Me

For 15 years, I’ve been building IT teams, technology, and processes at early stage companies and non-profits. And I found most invest a massive amount of resources into operational functions.

Almost all companies encounter the same IT challenges. The solutions are our there, no need start from scratch to solve them! I created The IT Plan as a standardized, repeatable playbook to develop IT programs from scratch.

My philosophy is that technology is more cultural than it is technical. When you see IT through this lens, better solutions appear.

Dave Bour

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